Female Waxing

Facial Waxing

Facial waxing for ladies has become one of the most popular treatments for ladies, with Eye Brows becoming a essential part of the wardrobe you cant leave the house without them prim and proper! Facial Waxing has no limits with nostril/lip/chin waxing etc being done in the same session to give you the smooth hair free look.


General Treatments include Eye Brows, Lip, Nostrils, Chin, Neck, Temple and Ears.

Body Waxing

Womens waxing has been a popular craze for years, with Leg Wax being the most common general waxing treatment. However arms, underarms, feet and hands are a lot more popular with women, who want to say goodbye to unwanted hair using this treatmenet option.


General Treatments include Arms, Underarm, Feet, Hands and Legs.

Intimate Waxing

Intimate Waxing with the ladies has developed over the years with new waxes being introduced to ensure the most painfree service possible. Waxing downunder has lots of benefits with hygiene and asthetic reasons being the most common!

Intimate Treatments include Brazilian, Hollywood & Bikini.


All of the above treatments require you to undress so leave your dignity at the door. This is required to get the waxing done in a effective and timely manor.


New to ladies intimate waxing? If so, see breakdown of the treatments below in detail.

  • Brazilian - Landing strip at front, and all hair removed including sides, underneath and buttock line 

  • Hollywood - All hair removed including top, sides, underneath and buttock line

  • Bikini - Leg Crease (knicker line)


We use a range of products carefully selected to offer the best quality and most comfortable waxing experience. Preparing skin by cleansing then applying Jasmine Oil. We use Peron Rigot Hot and Warm wax which in our opinion is the best products available on the market.


Waxing requires a consultation to ensure that you are suitable for the treatment as it is not for everyone, also for insurance purposes this is mandatory. Once you have received this, you do not require it again unless you have had changes to your health or medication.

Please check below if you have any of these contraindications:

  • Diabetes/vascular damage/neuropathuy? (GP referral required)

  • Epilepsy? (GP referral required)

  • Haemophilia?

  • Take Accutane or skin thinning medications?

  • Have any infectious and contagious disorders/disease/skin conditions?

  • Use acne creams/steroid creams on the area concerned?

  • Under 16 years of age? Parental consent can be obtained


If you answer yes to any of the above, unfortunately you may not be suitable for the treatment on this occasion.

Other things to notify the therapist about include:

  • Recent scar tissue or slight bruising?

  • Any moles/warts in this area?

  • Inflammation/rashes/swelling to the skin?

  • Severe/minor eczema/psoriasis?

  • Sensitive/thin skin?

  • Watery eyes

  • Have you been sunbathing or on a sunbed in the last 24hours?

  • Do you have any semi-permanent make up?

  • Do you have dry eye syndrome/glaucoma? (GP referral required)

  • Recently received electrolysis?


In preparation for waxing, please be aware fake tan/make up will be removed in the treated areas.


By signing the client record form you are agreeing that you have given correct information as far as you are aware and it is safe for you to undergo the treatment today without any adverse effects. Also that you have been fully made aware about the contraindications and aftercare and are willing to proceed with the treatment.


Being waxed does not conclude after the treatment has been carried out. You do need to look after your skin to ensure that you minimise the risk of in-growing hairs, pimps/spots and soreness. You can prevent this by:

  • Keeping the area Clean and Sweat Free…. NO SUNBEDS, NO GYM and NO HOT BATHS/SHOWERS for 24hours

  • Do not wear tight clothing after waxing as it can result in irritation/ingrown hairs

  • Ensure the skin is Moisturised and Exfoliated… DO this on a daily basis once the skin has settled down to ensure new hairs to break through

  • Some first time clients are likely to break out in spots… USE antibacterial shower gel such as Tea Tree and take antihistamines

  • If you are unlucky enough to get spots or in-growing hairs… APPLY a product specifically for ingrown hairs or Magnesium Sulphate that will draw the hair to the surface. Bepanthem nappy cream is recommended

  • Avoid perfumed products for 24hours


REMEMBER: In the event of ingrown hairs or if spots persist or worsen in treated area after a week, go to your GP as you could have developed Folliculitis, an inflammation of the hair follicle and you may need antibiotics.


Thank you for your co-operation

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